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The Major Conflict in The Marriage of Anansewa

The Marriage of Anansewa

The Major Conflict in The Marriage of Anansewa by EFUA T. SUTHERLAND

The conflict in the story of Anansewa could be seen in the middle of the play consisting of rising action composed of series of complications, hence, where and when the last letter from the Chief of mines (Chief-whose-name-is-whisper-in-the-ear) was delivered to Ananse inform of a telegram and which the content of the letter patterned in line with the other three Chiefs’ messages about performing the head-drink ceremony sooner in two weeks time, all falling on the same day.

However, this unexpected situation leaves Ananse weakened and confused which forces him to pull another string of action (setting up another new plan) to untide such web of situation his initial plan resulted to. In addition, the only way Ananse could free himself from the complicated situation was left for him to fake the death of her daughter (Anansewa),  in which he favors Chief-who-is-Chief, who appeals to him more than other Chiefs’s messages following the visitation of the Chiefs respective messengers to Ananse’s house on account of Anansewa’s death in disguise.

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